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Income-bearing investments tend to be in fixed-income securities, such as bonds and GICs (guaranteed investment certificates), which are tied to interest rates. Lower interest rates over the past decade have made it harder to earn income through fixed-income securities. Even the slightest interest rate drop can trigger a major drop in one’s regular income stream.

Add to this scenario rising inflation and its effect on purchasing power. “Inflation is something investors haven’t had to worry about for the past decade, but it’s going to make this a more challenging period for fixed-income investing than it has been for the last 40 years,” says Ben Gossack, vice president and director, Portfolio Manager within the Fundamental Equity Team at TD Asset Management. “Inflation is that silent hand that takes money out from under your mattress.”

Lower yields and inflation cause challenges to long-term investors

Investors need alternate ways to generate income

To offset lower yields and rising inflation, investors need to think about long-term growth. “Income is important, but so is having a growing income stream,” says Gossack. “One way to do that is to build up one’s nest egg, but that gets harder to do as you get older.”

The market offers numerous investment alternatives to help solve this income/growth dilemma, either through individual securities or mutual funds. However, there are often trade-offs. For example, high-dividend-yielding stocks, utility companies, and consumer staples provide income but not growth. Others, like growth stocks, provide growth but not a lot of income.

There are also many exchange traded funds (ETFs) designed for income or growth, but here too investors may need to compromise. “The income solutions the industry has provided through ETFs have typically been high-dividend-yielding stocks or covered call strategies, where you’re giving up future potential upside for income today,” says Gossack.

TGED seeks to provide stable monthly income plus long-term growth

The TD Active Global Enhanced Dividend ETF (TGED) is designed to secure a stable monthly income with a focus on total return. Established in May 2019, this differentiated ETF invests primarily in dividend-paying equity securities in developed markets around the world, and in some emerging markets.

“Effectively we’re trying to provide individuals with a healthy income without sacrificing growth, so over the long run we’re aiming to give the investor a great total return, which includes a four percent yield in the meantime,” says Gossack.

a graph showing the increased performance.
Source: TD Asset Management, Bloomberg Finance L.P., as of May 31, 2021.  Inception date of TGED is May 9, 2019.

The fund employs an active stock selection approach, seeking quality large cap companies that generate free cash flow, have strong balance sheets, and are poised to take advantage of multi-year secular growth trends. “We then build income streams on top of that through active call writing and put writing,” says Gossack.

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