People On Twitter Shred Tone Deaf Budget Breakdown Of Couple Making

The budget breakdown of a couple earning $500,000 a year has been eviscerated on Twitter after users express their disbelief and distaste for the couple’s spending habits and inability to save more.

CNBC tweeted an image of the offending budget breakdown, which included a questionable percentage of income being taken out by taxes, 401(k) contributions, mortgage payments and other expenses.

The CNBC piece that the tweet links to explains that the two are fortunate enough to max out their allowed 401(k) contributions each year but that after things like student loan debt, taxes and child care, “there’s only $7,300 left each year to go towards other savings goals, investment accounts or retirement funds.”

That information didn’t go over well with many readers. The breakdown of what the couple spends on — like “three vacations a year” and a BMW — hit a nerve for many people on social media.

The report is from March 2018, so the couple may be doing better (or worse?) now, but it seems CNBC was up for recirculating the article and inciting some internet fervor.

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